Saturday, September 23, 2017
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For the Photographer
By ko For the new photographer, or old photographer in your life. áA great present to give this holiday season, or any time, is something to help ...Read More »

New Digital Juice
By ko Digital Juice Unlimited Resources to match your creativity ...Read More »

Photoshop Update with Libraries
By ko If you haven't read the latest about your CreativeCloud updates, Photoshop has included the ability share libraries with other CreativeCloud frien ...Read More »

The Foundry`s Mischief 4min Review
By ko Here's my 4 minute review after a first look at the software. Seriously - in 2 minutes, you'll be comfortable with the software. áWhy? áBecau ...Read More »

the foundry`s mischief
By ko Geez. áI know NUKE, MODO, and MARI. áI'm guessing if you're reading this, chances are that you do too. The Foundry - for me - started out a ...Read More »

Symbol Pop: FCP Motion Graphics
By ko I know that you don't really create motion graphics in FinalCutPro, but if you need to bust some simple animated icons in your edit, the folks ove ...Read More »

Cartoon Circle Control
By ko Here's how you can easily control the pupil texture within CINEMA4D. Pretty basic, but if texture is the way you're going, this should do t ...Read More »

Install Mograph awesome in 7 seconds
By ko In less than 10 seconds, you can have a rad tool that will produce tons of new options for your CINEMA4D Mograph workflow. You can download and try ...Read More »

Install Mograph awesome in 7sec
By ko Just upgraded to FULL version. áWorth the 60Euro / or about $70US to help you make fly-through's a breeze - and more.   NOTA_install_ ...Read More »

Compression Preview for After Effects
By ko So this is cool. áIf you're rendering and doing heavy compression for web from After Effects, this plugin will give you a preview of the compressi ...Read More »

Red Giant Universe 1.3
By ko TheáRed Giant Universeáis expanding once again with the release of Universe 1.3, the latest update to the worlds fastest growing visual effects envir ...Read More »

StoryPop Whiteboards for FCP
By ko It looks like it's only for FCP right now. áIf you want to create some simple white board animations in your edit to help you with your story, che ...Read More »

Trying to learn Adobe Muse
By ko So maybe you've got your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for the Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Lightroom tools, or maybe you're just in ...Read More »

Moleskine`s Creative Cloud App
By ko Moleskine thinks we should buy their smart books if we want to push our sketches to CreativeCloud? á I think that an Art Plus Sketchbook will work sim ...Read More »

More learning online from Adobe
By ko As if you couldn't find enough resources online, I'm gonna give you another, straight from the source. Adobe's helpx site gives you ...Read More »

An Ever Expanding Universe
By ko The new version of Red Giant Universe offers something old, something new, and a new frontier for premium subscribers. Universe 1.3 brings 13 new ...Read More »

AJA brings new options to Quantel
By ko As a former Quantel artist, I'm glad to see that there is still support for the platform moving forward. áToday, AJA brings more capability to Qua ...Read More »

Armikrog: Klaymen`s Cousin?
By ko New video game from Doug TenNapel due up soon. The Neverhood was one of the most inspiring and beautiful games I ever played.á I played it when I f ...Read More »

Tweak tweaks Tweak
By ko RV 4.2.1 hasábeen released today with many new features, refinements and bug fixes. Itáis ready to download. You can read the full details in theá rel ...Read More »


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